I try to play the trumpet.

Sept 23rd  Turtleback Brass played at the Reclaim the Rock concert at the Orcas Center.

August 11-13  Well, that was a really fun weekend.  I was a performer with the Orcas Chamber Music Festival.    I was lucky to be onstage with some of the world’s finest classical musicians performing Pagannini Variations by Garson and Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue.   Click here to check out the festival.  It was cool to hang out a little with Stewart Copeland and the Off the Score band.

July 30 2017  I’m having a blast rehearsing and performing with the latest incarnation of The Turtleback Brass.  Today we played for the Funhouse Auction with a collection of music related to the theme of Peter Pan. We also played at an OPAL event.  Upcoming we have the Reclaim the Rock nad down the road is the Orcas Choral Society holiday concert.

June 18-20 2017  Traveling to Portland OR to attend Charlie Porter’s recording sessions.  I get to be the extra set of ears in the studio.  Might catch Ambrose Akunsmire in concert while there.  Plus trip to Monette shop to drop off horn for service.

April 19th 2017 - Charlie Porter is coming over for a practice session this afternoon.  I’m fortunate to have a friend like Charlie.  Later this evening I’m going to watch a new DVD from another very musical friend, Eckart Buhler. The video was shot at the Ground Up Festival 2017.  EB has turned me on to sooo much great music.

April 18th 2017 - I’m playing with a newly formed brass quintet on Orcas Island.  Just two rehearsals so far and it feels like a really good start with lots of promise for fun, challenge and improvement.

Nov 3 2016 - Met Fred Sautter last night at a CD Release event hosted by Roger Sherman of Gothic Records.  I had a nice opportunity to talk with Fred about a few trumpet things.  He generously shared some insights into playing piccolo trumpets (“think small”), and Monette trumpets (“play low on the pitch center”) and more.  Intelligent man.  The listening portion of the evening was highlighted by the beautifully recorded performance of the very gymnastic Jericho Battle Music for Trumpet and Organ.  CD will be available at Gothic Records soon. 

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